Return to Pigeon Point Lighthouse - 138th Anniversary by Darvin Atkeson on Flickr.

As always the lighting of Pigeon Point Lighthouse was a stellar event. The
evening was warm and clear with just enough ocean mist to get the brilliant
beams of the lighthouse to absolutely glow. Unlike my previous visits to
the annual lighting this year we were treated to a mostly clear sky with a
half moon which as you can see in this image lit the sea foam below. A few
high clouds lit the sky but still allowed you to clearly view the stars
above. The waves sparkled in the moonlight as they crashed upon the rocks
below my vantage point.

It wasn’t looking like I’d make it down to the party this year to see the
138th lighting of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse and though I got a very late
start, and had to make a mad dash down the coast, I made it just in time to
see the last hour of the celebration. I had expected the place to be
packed especially since last year’s celebration had been canceled but upon
arriving found the grounds had really cleared out. I had no problems
finding a good position from which to shoot. I was supposed to hook up
with some fellow Flickr pals but upon arriving found out I didn’t have cell

This was the last shot I took just prior to the main light from the Fresnel
lens being doused for another year or perhaps longer. Rumor on the grounds
was that the reconstruction on the lighthouse would begin next year and
might mean the next celebration could be canceled for the next several
years. I do want to see Pigeon Point Lighthouse restored to her original
glory but hope they can also find a way to hold this annual event.

Point Reyes Derelict by ringydingydo on Flickr.

See! Round yon rock the bellowing waves
In quick succession spread!
Their dashing spray the summit laves;
While Anna , wretched maid!
With mournful voice and streaming eyes-
‘o god! Preserve my love’-now cries,
‘from ‘mid the shipwreck’d dead!’

But William’s bark, with furious bound,
Is from her anchor torn!
The shiv’red masts, with crashing sound,
O’er her smooth sides are borne!
The groaning hull, with bursting shock,
See! Rudely dash’d against the rock
Where stands the maid forlorn!

Mark Anna’s grief! ‘Tis now despair!
Her tears refuse to flow!
Her eyes are fix’d, with frantic stare,
Upon the wreck below!
Behold! The parting surge displays
Her dying lover to her gaze,
In agonizing throe!!

‘and is it thus , my William dear,
that we are doom’d to meet!’
Hear Anna say-‘so very near
our tranquil, lov’d retreat!
you shall not long for Anna stay;
you’ve been a tedious time away-
‘twill make our meeting sweet!’

This said-on William’s wat’ry grave
Hard gazing as before,
His corpse, upon a coming wave,
She sees approach the shore!
The rock she leaps! And, in his arms,
Quick yielding to grim death her charms,
She sinks!-to rise no more!!

Christian Milne

American Architecture by Wade Griffith on Flickr.

A view of the Columbus Tower in San Francisco, or Sentinel Building, with the famous Transamerica Pyramid in the background. Currently occupying much of the Columbus Tower is Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘American Zeotrope Studios’. On the ground floor is the Cafe Niebaum Coppola, which has occupied part of the building since 1999. The cafe is a bistro and wine shop satellite of the ‘Niebaum Coppola Wine Estate’ in the Napa Valley.

untitled by maxxsmart on Flickr.

Golden Gate fog as seen from the Marin Headlands

I have a love for this scene… Its one of the most beautiful events that man, and nature offer us here in the Bay Area. I love this view in color, but have really taken a liking to this composition in black and white.